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Kaylee’s Summer Comic Read - 9/?

↳ “What’s wrong with ‘Speed’? It tells you everything you need to know in one syllable.”

▸ Young Avengers (2005) | Issue #12

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Clint: Oh, I see. Her chaperone. I guess that’s a full-time job… beatin’ off the suitors with a stick.

Pietro: Actually, I’m mentally running down the list of things I could beat you with. Right now I’m at item number six billion, two hundred twenty million —

Clint: First things first, slick. You need to get outta my face… and second of all… excuse me for trying to make a little magic happen here.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #8, written by Joe Casey, drawn by Scott Kolins

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Your mind tricks will not work on me!

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Avengers #69

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All-New X-Factor #13

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Magneto by Gabriele Dell’Otto

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WANDA: Mom… Myra? Myra Maximoff… Y-you’re dead!

MARYA: So’s everything else down here. Doesn’t stop it being alive!

X-Statix #22, written by Peter Milligan, drawn by Michael Allred

This is from a tiny guest appearance Wanda made in the early 2000s. It isn’t a particularly good characterization (she mostly seems unsure of herself and there is a very unnecessary attempt at a retcon of her origin), but it contains one of the few appearances of her adoptive mother, Marya. Django gets mentioned from time to time, but writers seem to forget Wanda also had an adoptive mother (and a biological one). This isn’t a surprise since Wanda has spent fifty years being written by men, and a large number of men don’t understand that fictional women, much like real ones, are capable of having relationships with other women that don’t revolve around catfighting. 

So I was really pleased to see her show up here, in ghost form, without any mention of fathers, and even more pleased to see Wanda call her mom. If I told you just how pleased, you’d be like, “That’s weird. You’re way too happy about this.”

But they had to go and misspell her name. It’s Marya, people. Marya, not Myra.

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I’ve been thinking about Tommy and tattoo sleeves a lot lately.