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by Khoi Pham

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but what if now Lorna periodically checks in on Wanda and when they’re not both busy w/ saving the world dynamics Lorna makes excuses for days off and goes and visits Wanda and they go out and hang out and it’s because Lorna wants to give Wanda at least a little taste of what it means to relax and bond with your sibling because she knows that Wanda and Pietro didn’t have a childhood so she wants to have even just a silver of memories that they can both remember fondly without any pain behind them

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X-Men First Class #7

Uh oh, he asked for it.

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All-New X-Factor #14

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starkexpos' last request was Wanda in palette 9 (you get bonus Pietro because of reasons)

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Vertigo: You come at an opportune time! This night marks the ancient feast of Lammas, where the people bless the harvest by killing the representative of the corn-god!

Wanda: I saw this movie! It wasn’t very good!

Vertigo: The Lammas feast predates all fiction, scoffer!

Vision & the Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 #3 by Steve Englehart & Richard Howell

Because I love trivia, I thought it was important to tell everyone that, while Wanda is a horror fan, she hated Children of the Corn. I would pay good reblogs to a tumblr dedicated to Wanda reviewing movies… and hating all of them.

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Molly and Speed by Adrian Alphona