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sailor boys

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For “Tommy Appreciation Week” I figured i’d share my Tommy postcard. Enjoy!

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Wanda and Pietro Maximoff
by Clay Mann

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All-New X-Factor #12

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Wanda’s “off the record, not in continuity” secret.

Original Sins #5, by Chip Zdarsky

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Magneto #8

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All-New X-Factor #12

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I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’ve seen so many people celebrating the news that Uncanny Avengers is ending at #25 and…

You guys know that doesn’t necessarily mean Remender will no longer write Wanda, right? As the post linked above says, there could be Uncanny Avengers Vol. 2, or Astonishing Avengers, and it would most likely be written by Remender (Marvel doesn’t seem ready to let go of the Avengers + X-Men idea just yet). And Wanda would probably be in it, because I don’t get the impression Remender’s plans for her are limited to the 19 or so issues of UA where she appears.

What we can hope for is that Wanda will also be in the main Avengers book, whenever Hickman’s work is done (April 2015? May?). Also, the solo series is looking more likely now, if she is truly becoming Sorceress Supreme.